Why does my breaker keep tripping?


Are you wondering, Why does my breaker keep tripping with nothing plugged in?

Are you wondering on why does my breaker keep tripping? Usually there are many reason for breaker tripping, such as short circuit, overload, faulty devices plugged in to one of the socket.

If you are in Dubai and facing such issues, then first and foremost thing is to make sure, that you are experienced enough to deal with live current and you have proper safety. Then follow below steps:–

  • Check if any of the socket related to the circuit breaker is connected with any device, in most scenario the problem lies with the device connected to the socket, so unplug the device and check by turning on the breaker, if the problem resolved.
  • If the breaker was working fine recently and this issue just appeared, then possibly too many devices are connected with that breaker, try to unplug devices one by one and see, if that resolves problem. If the circuit breaker is working fine after removing some load, then the possible fix is to replace the circuit breaker with high ampere circuit breaker, if the cables are good enough to handle the excess load.
  • If you followed above 2 steps and still the problem is not fixed and it suddenly started happening, then there is high chance of short circuit inside your switch/ socket/ cables, or the breaker has gone bad. Here you need to get in touch with experienced electrician in Dubai.

Cost for rectifying circuit breaker tripping issues in Dubai

Usually the cost for electrician visit in Dubai, can be between AED 100- AED 300, depending on location and timings. Plus the material cost at actuals.


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