Common Painting Mistakes in Dubai

Painting mistakes can be of many types:–

Such as:–

Choosing wrong paint material:- 

Usually the paint material is different for indoor and outdoor walls, sometime, to save cost the contractor use indoor primer and paints to paint outdoor walls. Look wise, there is no difference in appearance, but indoor paints are not rugged enough to handle outdoor heat. 

After sometimes the paint will start peeling off from the wall and you will see the old surface. So it is always recommended to get data sheets for the paints from the contractor and do random checks while painting job is going on.

Not checking moisture content on wall prior to painting.

You might have come across with situations, where the wall is leaving / peeling off paint from bottom. Some places you will see paint blisters, popping out. Eventually after sometimes you have mold problems on wall. 

The most common issue for these problems is moisture, and there can be multiple reason for these issues, the most common issues are as follows:-

  • Waterproofing issues with the bathroom. 
  • Grout missing on floor or wall tiles.
  • Minor leak in the bathroom or toilet. 


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