Painting services in Dubai Marina

wall painting services in Dubai marina

The Painting services in Dubai Marina

Painting walls, in Dubai Marina, is different than painting wall in other Dubai suburbs. Dubai Marina is an area surrounded by high-rise buildings, with a strict building management system.

It is mandatory to follow all the guidelines, set by the building management for wall painting services. We sometimes, need to submit MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet) of paint for wall painting services, in any tower in Dubai Marina.

Sometimes, the application of substandard colors makes a lot of lousy odor in surrounding areas. So be careful about choosing the right paint brand.

Our Painting Procedure for Dubai Marina Area

Emirates Repairs team has all necessary tools, required for professional painting services.

Such as Electrical sanding machines, masking tapes, Polythene Sheets for Surface Protection, Paint Rollers with Brushes and a ladder.

  • We at Emirates Repairs, first protect all the Door Skirting, Wall Skirting, Electrical outlets and socket plugs with masking tape.
  • Protect the floor with Polythene Sheets; then we start filling exposed cracks, or any wall repair, then sanding the walls. Either by Paint Sanding Machine, or physically. Once, the sanding completes, we start cleaning the walls, before painting.
  •   After wall preparation, we apply two Top Coats of Jotun Hygiene Paints. Doing this, helps us achieve high-quality apartment painting services in Dubai Marina.

The best Jotun Hygiene Paint Applicator in Dubai Marina


The Jotun Fenomastic hygiene paint is flat paint and mostly used in residential buildings. If you are looking for color, with less odor, then you must go for the Jotun Hygiene Paints. Get a good deal on complete apartment painting from the best  Jotun Hygiene Paint Applicator in Dubai Marina. 

Furthermore, you must keep in mind; odor always comes from the color tints. If you are planning for dark shades, then the VOC content in the paint goes higher. If, you are allergic, to a paint odor, or feel uneasiness while breathing. Then it is recommended to go for white or ivory color. Hygiene paint does have antibacterial and antifungal content. So, what you are waiting for, touch your walls carefreely on the walls painted by our Jotun Hygiene Paint applicator.

Jotun Interior Texture Painting Services in Dubai Marina, best jotun lady design applicator in Dubai Marina.

Are you looking for jotun interior texture painting in Dubai Marina? Or are you planning for interior texture paint instead of using wallpaper? Then you have reached the right place. Our jotun lady design applicator in Dubai Marina will help you choose the right Jotun interior texture paint.

I feel the right ambiance can only be created by real paints on the wall, instead of wallpapers. Wallpapers follow a pattern, you have no control over the designs, once you choose them. However, In interior texture paint such as Lady Design, you can play with patterns.

You have the flexibility, to tell our applicators for interior texture paint, to follow something which you like on a real-time lady design paint application.

Below is the expert advice on interior texture paint or a Jotun Lady Design. 

Color Trends for Jotun Lady Design 2018

Refer to the official Jotun Lady Design for new trends and let us know, which one you liked. We guarantee you the quality work with the best price for a lady design application in Dubai Marina.

Our price range for Jotun Lady Design starts from AED 65.00 per square meter; this is the base price and varies on product selection. You also get a quality warranty for two years by our lady design applicators in Dubai Marina Area.

Our Painting Services Package in Dubai Marina.

Moreover, we have a good deal with all kind of painting services. If, you are moving in, and want a beautiful wall color or customized wall paint. Then, you get 25 % off on our painting services and warranty for the quality. Once you plan to leave the apartment after your stay, we give you 50 % discount on labor charges, and a 25 % discount on the apartment you are moving in.

If at all you are planning to move out painting services in Dubai Marina. Then you get a 50 % discount on move out, 25 % discount for moving in, to another apartment painting.

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