emergency electrical repair services

Electrical repair services in the UAE.

Did your electricity just shut off? Or power keeps going out in your apartment or a villa? Then or 24 hours Emergency electrical repair services team is available at your fingertips. A well-experienced electrician, for your Home electrical wiring.

Why the Electricity just shut off?

Sometimes, it may be possible, that you skipped making the Electricity Bill and the power got disrupted, due to that. However, please check with the Power Distribution Company; such DEWA/ SEWA / FEWA, for any disruption of services from their end.

Do not hesitate to call us, if you get in a situation, where there is no electricity in your home, apartment or a villa and there is no power disruption. We have 24 hours emergency electrical repair team, to handle such situation.  

Does your power keep going out?

If you are continually facing power disruption, within your premises and your power keeps going out. Then it might be the case of a loose connection, either in electrical witch and sockets or the breaker, ELCB, MCB in the SMDB ( small distribution box).

sample circuit breaker used in SMDB
Sample circuit breaker used in SMDB
Hager 25 Amp ELCB or RCCB
Hager 25 Amp ELCB or RCCB

Sometimes, finding out these problems are very easy. However, if there is no load schedule, then it becomes little challenging to find the fault.

Electrical maintenance and repair

Our advice to the tenant and the landlords or the apartment and villa owners to have qualified electrical maintenance company to perform electrical maintenance and repair work in the UAE. Never go for a copied product or a counterfeit product for electrical items.

While comparing the contractor quotes, make sure you compare apple to apple. The quote can vary drastically on electrical material selection.

For example, a 1.5 mm, three core cable of DU Cab brand will cost you AED 350/ roll. However, a similar looking same gauge cable can cost you as low as AED 75/ roll. The difference is the wire used, the expensive one will be 99 % copper and the cheaper one will either less copper or aluminum. The difference is hard to find, but once in operation, the dirty cable will have more heat than the expensive cable.

To know more about on, you can click the link for an Electrical outlet and power switches in the UAE

Our Service Charges for Electrical Repairs in Dubai.

It will be a chargeable service call. Our electrician will visit the site, inspect and fix the problem if it is a minor issue. 

In case the client does not agree with the quote, or he plans to look for an option. Our Electrician will then provide them, with a service report and the quotation. The customer will only be liable to pay the service call charges. Emirates repairs will let the client know the costs, before scheduling our Electrical repair specialist.