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Best AC Service in Dubai

Emirates repairs provide you with the best AC Service Dubai. You get a long-term commitment to our AC Repair Services and New AC Install. Good discount on bulk AC service for Villa Owners & Tenants.

Getting the unqualified contractor for AC service in Dubai?

In general, sometimes you come across the unqualified contractors for AC service Dubai is usual. In fact, some people pay more due to URGENT AC fix. All this issue occurs, only because of not getting the AC maintenance.

I have witnessed customer paying more for AC services during the night time in the summer season. Sometimes, even contractors have no option other than charging higher to the client. Because, they have no clue for what has gone wrong, over the phone call. Cost jump in AC repair services is due to various factor.

Looking for new AC Install services for your home?

Are you planning for new AC Install services for your home? Then, you must go for a reputed AC Brands, with higher ESMA ( Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority) ratings.

How to avoid cost overruns on AC Services in Dubai?

Usually, the air conditioner system in this part of the region is good in quality. The inferior AC brands will not survive, even one season. The cost of AC unit fluctuates, on the type of compressor and the refrigerant used in it.

Nowadays, all the air conditioner units are coming with R410A, and this refrigerant operates at very high pressure. So, the AC services become mandatory, with R22 coolant, you can ignore or skip the maintenance. But with R410A, you just cannot.

Further, please refer to the below video and see, how dirty can be the outdoor unit in Dubai.

In fact, it is recommended to service your air conditioner unit at least four times a year.

By spending AED 600/- to AED 1000/- a year on your AC unit, you will be saving on utility bills and repair.

Deal on Air conditioner service in Dubai.

If, you are planning to get your air conditioner services in Dubai. Then, we will be able to provide you a comprehensive annual package for your air conditioner system.

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